The best way to celebrate our 80th birthday is to say thank you to the driving force behind our daily work: the Planet, which has always delivered us its best fruits.

But saying thank you isn’t enough! With #ThanksPlanet, we at Saclà have chosen to do something concrete together with you all.
All it takes is one simple act — like a click — to help us spread our message and raise even more awareness about environmental protection issues
Thanks to our collaboration with LifeGate, a real reference point for sustainable development, and its initiative ‘Foreste in Piedi’, we can transform your participation into a concrete project for safeguarding and preserving the forests of the Brazilian Amazon
To actively contribute to the cause, you too can say thank you to the Planet in various ways:
  • by sharing the #thanksPlanet videos on this site on your social media;
  • by engaging with all posts dedicated to the #ThanksPlanet campaign on our Facebook page
    or Instagram profile . Likes, comments and shares will all be counted;
  • by sharing a relevant photo on your personal Instagram profile using the hashtag #ThanksPlanet;
  • by writing a message to the land using the tool on this site and sharing it on your social networks.
Each act by you will drive up the counter on the home page and allow us to reach our objectives.

Once a total of 5 million acts have been reached, Saclà will contribute to the protection of 1 million square metres per year in the Brazilian Amazon.

The project ‘Foreste in Piedi’ involves the Italian non-profit organisation ICEI and the Brazilian organisation AVIVE for the protection of a green area made available for use by 27 families from the community of San Pedro.
During this period, the local population will be actively involved in the forest surveillance activities, mapping out the forest resources, and the awareness-raising activities geared at preventing and tackling deforestation, acts of arson, illegal hunting activities, and other environmental offences.

The operation #ThanksPlanet proves Saclà’s appreciation for nature, because the health of the land is also essential for guaranteeing natural raw materials and the authenticity of everything we dish up on our plates.

Green Tips

  • A “Family” Forest
    Each family involved in the project is in charge of a 50m2 plot of forest, where an inventory of the plant species is carried out. In this way, staff can follow their stages of growth, monitor their health and organise the voluntary seed and cutting harvesting activities.
  • A Healing Forest
    The Amazon is also home to many different plants with important medicinal properties, which the local population use as phytotherapeutic remedies. For example, Crabwood leaves are used to treat ulcers, while tea made with Cumaru seeds is considered to be effective against hepatitis, anemia, and intestine problems.
  • An Important Task
    The project involves the community of San Pedro, which is home to 27 families, around 150 people, including men, women and children. As there are no roads, it can only be reached by the river. There, people have always survived on little, in a subsistence economy, with just one generator. Thanks to the project supported by Saclà, many of them will have a job and quality of life will improve for all.
  • One Forest, A Myriad Of Lives
    The Amazon Forest is the natural habitat of different plant and animal species: just one square metre can be home to over a thousand different animal species. Each square metre protected saves a real “condominium” of biodiversity.
  • A Unique Plant
    Local inhabitants call the castanheira tree “Cunhaporanga”, which means “the most beautiful girl in the village”. It’s a gigantic tree, reaching a height of 70 metres and a trunk circumference of 10 metres: it won’t all fit in one photo!