A glass jar with a green centre, a visual metaphor for a modern, transparent, environmentally-friendly company.

We celebrate and protect raw materials – food – drawing upon the resources and competences of people to ensure that future generations continue to share the infinite generosity of Mother Nature.

Our story begins with the vegetables and fruit of the Piedmontese countryside. First there were peppers, cherries, peas, asparagus... then there were olives, artichokes, tomatoes, and all the other ingredients that now make it into our jars. The fruits of the earth are the very heart of our work: at the root of 80 years of flavour is a passion for understanding, respecting, and celebrating them.

Our ingredients are simple, but this does not make them any less precious: open up the jars one by one and discover some of them with us.
  • Pomodori al forno e olive e Sugo alla napoletana
    We have a real passion for tomatoes, the unquestionable symbol of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. For this reason, we work exclusively with farms in the most suitable areas, which guarantee respect for seasonality and are committed to using methods that keep their environmental impact to a minimum, because to guarantee the quality of the end product, the land it was grown on has to be in perfect health too!
  • Pesto alla genovese
    Each jar of Saclà Pesto alla Genovese shows just how much we love basil! The basil we select is grown in our region, Piedmont. Before sowing, the land is sterilised with water steam only, avoiding the use of herbicides. After two weeks of careful attention, it’s time for the harvest: only the top part of the plant is cut, to ensure it grows back and continues to develop. The youngest, softest leaves are transported to Asti straight away, where they are processed within 24 hours, to best preserve their aromatic qualities.