The Planet has given us so much,
and it continues to do so.

Day after day.
Yet the Planet is tired – very tired – which is why it is ever-more important to act in a respectful, informed way, working together for a better future.

We should be grateful to the Planet and demonstrate our gratitude act after act, day after day, taking care of it just as it has always taken care of us.
With all the same attention, and all the same love.

Each individual is small when faced with the task ahead of us, but we each make up a fundamental block, and can make a difference.
Even Saclà, in its small way, wants to contribute its own piece to this big puzzle; because all great things are the sum of small parts.

We too owe everything to the Planet and feel that now is the time to shout about how grateful we are!
We have always respected its rhythms, seasons and laws, but now we can do more.

This year, we are turning 80, less than a flash in the life of the Earth,but a long, beautiful story for us.
We do not want cakes, gifts or big parties; we would prefer to commit ourselves, with your help, to saving 1 million square metres of the Amazon forest, the Earth’s lungs.

Take part in this initiative, tell people about it, share it, and shout out with us:

“Thank you, Planet!”